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Ready for the Summer? | Dr. William Winter is a child and adolescent psychiatrist.
Will Winter, MD, FAAP
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It's certainly been a long winter! But Spring did finally come and now it's almost summer! Are you ready?

Who isn't ready for easy living and sunshine? Well, summer without plans can be downright depressing. I just googled "number of children without summer plans" and guess what the number was? Ok. It doesn't look like a study was done on this . But I can tell you that it is a sizeable number. Frankly, there is only so much time walking around aimlessly in the local mall, seeing movies or hanging out on the stoop that a person can enjoy.

A summer without plans is a recipe for boredom and possibly worse.

Summer is a valuable gift. It is a time when meaningful relationships can be created and built, skills learned and fun had. It is something that just doesn't happen on its own. Plans need to be made.

When and Who
When do these plans need to be made? People start planning in January or February. Who can have the foresight to do this when the snow is falling?


As children become older, i.e. mid to late teens, they may want more autonomy in this arena. But, parents, that means that you are on the hook for all of the summers before those latter years. And, if you have a teenager who chooses to "do nothing", as a parent it is your job to realize that that isn't adequate and that some effort must be made to make a plan.

What are our options?
There are plenty. What will work best is something that I leave up to your judgment. Children, teenagers and adults do well with routines. Here's a partial list of good ideas:

Day camp/ local neighborhood program
Sleep away camp
Work as a CIT (counselor in training)
Work as a counselor or lifeguard
Work in local stores
Volunteer work
Teen tours
Taking classes /educational programs

Of course, time spent with family, i.e. big family trips or even day excursions to the beach or park can be very valuable. Although they may not take up the whole summer or provide for a daily routine, they should also be planned and children should be able to prepare and plan in their minds for them.

For older teenagers who insist on keeping the summer completely free of any activity or responsibility, they must also realize that freedom alone has no meaning. The better question is, "What would you like the freedom to do?"

To do that thing, a plan must be made. Without a plan, the freedom is just an illusion. Summer without anything to do is equivalent to jail with invisible bars.

If you have plans, enjoy! If you don't, it's never too late to make a plan!