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Depression | Dr. William Winter is a child and adolescent psychiatrist.
Will Winter, MD, FAAP
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"I'm so depressed!"

The word "depression" has entered into the public's consciousness and is used frequently colloquially. Major Depressive Disorder is an experience of sadness that is often accompanied by many other symptoms. Those symptoms are delineated in the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV). When someone presents with depression, it often includes feeling very sad, having lack of pleasure in anything, and can affect appetite, sleep and concentration.

It is important to remember that, in younger people, i.e. adolescents, irritability-not sadness- may be the prevailing symptom.

Depression often happens when people feel helpless or are helpless to change their current situation. Although Depression and Anxiety (each term capitalized here for emphasis) are 2 different feeling experiences, each comes about from feeling helpless or out of control. And both have the same treatment plan:

Talk therapy, i.e. supportive and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).
Medication, i.e. the anti-depressants. Although antidepressants were named with the idea of treating depression, it has been found that they treat anxiety as well.