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How to prepare for the 1st visit. | Dr. William Winter is a child and adolescent psychiatrist.
Will Winter, MD, FAAP
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So, you have called the office to set up an appointment. Welcome!

How to tell your child
If you are bringing your child for any reason, please, do not present it like a punishment. For example, don't say, "It's because of your behavior that I have to take you to the psychiatrist! (or doctor)"

That places the child on the defensive. He/she will not want to say a word and that will make it more difficult for me to be able to help. Also, many kids associate "the doctor" with getting a shot. The association is one of fear.

Instead, help me to help you. Normalize it. Present it as just another day and another thing to do. And, if you want to describe me as a doctor, make sure to describe me as a talking doctor who will help with feeling better/ doing better in school, or whatever it may be that is the issue. You can assure your child that it will be fun.

Your child need not have had previous testing or psychological evaluations. But, if your child has had these, please bring any documentation that you may have to the appointment.

Couples Therapy- discuss with significant other
If you are coming for couple's therapy, first make sure that you have discussed getting help with your significant other and that you are both receptive to the idea. If one of you is unwilling to participate, it isn't couple's therapy.

Individual Therapy
If you are coming for yourself, no need to prepare anything at all.

I look forward to seeing you at the appointment!