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Dr. William Winter a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Manhattan and Queens NY. | FAQ

Life happens...

Does your child have fever?

Did we get a huge snowstorm that is going to make travel hard for the next few days?

Are you out of town and running low on medicine?

Or are you just a typical New Yorker who is on the go?

If any of these apply to you, a video appointment can be just what the doctor ordered. It's true that just hearing your voice on the phone can tell the doctor a lot about how you are doing. But wouldn't it be that much better for the doctor to actually see how you are doing? An appointment via Skype or Google Video Chat can be great for that.

A video appointment can be a convenient and useful addition to your therapeutic and medical care.

Who can use this?
Video appointments are only available to established patients of Dr. Winter. Of course, this type of appointment is not conducive to handling all cases/ situations.

Is it sort of like a regular appointment?
How it is similar:
It is made in advance and a slot in the calendar is reserved for you, just like a regular appointment. You can reach us @ 718.672.4888 to set up the appointment. A secretary will be able to help you.

How it's different:
During an in-person appointment, payment is done at the visit itself. When it comes to a video appointment, payment is done at the time the appointment is made- not during the actual appointment or after. Payment is by credit card.

This service is not covered by insurance. When you pay for the appointment, you are purchasing the appointment time slot.

Once you have reserved a video appointment with Dr. Winter, rest assured. It is your time. He will be available to you. So please do not miss your appointment! If you do, payment will not be returned.

Calling in prescriptions
Unlike an in-person appointment, a video appointment often goes hand-in-hand with calling in prescriptions. To minimize the possibility of confusion or error, the doctor himself, and not a secretary, will always call in the prescription(s).

When the doctor calls the pharmacy, he never records a message for the pharmacist and hangs up. He always speaks to the pharmacist directly. Again, this is done to minimize the possibility of a mistake.

Your time is valuable
Calling in prescriptions takes time. As a courtesy, the time it takes to do things associated with your appointment, i.e. calling in your prescriptions, will be done outside of your video appointment time slot (free of charge).

Controlled Substances
Controlled substances will not be called in but they can be mailed. If you are not sure whether the medicine in question is a "controlled substance", the doctor will clarify this for you.

Can the doctor call in prescriptions without an appointment?
No. The doctor will only call in prescriptions after seeing a patient. Especially in psychiatry, presentations and situations can change. Treatment must change accordingly. Although it may be inconvenient, seeing the doctor is for your benefit.

It is medical care that you deserve. It is a step that cannot be avoided.

With the doctor's approval, a video appointment may suffice as a way to see you without having to be physically present. Whether or not a video appointment is right for you will be made clear prior to scheduling this type of appointment.

How long is a video appointment?
Video appointments are available in 15 minute blocks. If you'd like more than one block, back to back, we will do our best to accommodate you, calendar permitting.

I've never done video chat before. How do you do it?
Video chat can be done over Skype or Google Video Chat. Links below will explain how to set it up.

How to set up Skype

How to set up Google Video Chat